Video Vault: Turbidity in the Rhode River

Pst. Hey. You. Want an exclusive look into the SERC Education Video Vault? It’s like a treasure chest of learning…

Today’s niblet of knowledge features our Director of Education, Mark Haddon, exploring turbidity in the Rhode River. In this video, Mark shows us how to measure turbidity using a Secchi Disk, and goes beneath the surface of the issue by exploring the Rhode River’s water column with an underwater camera.

You can make your own Secchi disk to measure the clarity of your nearest water system.

                               Using a Secchi Disk to measure light penetration 

There are only three essential parts:

  1. The black and white patterned disk (approximately 20-30 cm diameter)
  2. A weight
  3. A line (string or rope) with knots or markings every 10 centimeters (1 decimeter).

     Student counting decimeters on the line of the Secchi Disk

Try it out and report back with your results!


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