Spring 2014 Workshop Training Schedule

Training Opportunities for Parents and Teachers for Spring 2014, in Preparation for Field Trips to the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center


Students participating in the Estuary Chesapeake field trip, at the Water Testing station.

Below is a listing of dates to visit SERC for training. Please be sure to register with Jane Holly (HollyJ@si.edu) to let us know you’re coming. If you do not RSVP we can not guarantee staff available to train. Thanks!

You can download a copy of this schedlue here: Estuary Chesapeake Workshop dates 2014

Estuary Chesapeake Workshop Schedule
Spring 2014
All workshops are free, but you must register with Jane Holly (Hollyj@si.edu). You will receive an e-mail to confirm your registration.
11am-1 pm 4-6 pm 11am-1 pm 10 am-Noon
March 19th
March 25th March 27th March 29th
April 10th
April 15th April 16th April 17th
April 22nd April 23rd
May 6th May 8th

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