Fall 2012 School Data

Each group that visits SERC for the Estuary Chesapeake program gets a souvenir- a set of data from your estuary investigation! We have compiled the data for you in a master spreadsheet. We also have provided links for you to download this data as a .pdf or a .xls spreadsheet.  All data collected during the Fall 2012 season can be found in the following pages. Click the link of the week(ish) that your school visited SERC to see the data you collected.

9/19/12 – 9/24/12

9/26/12 – 10/3/12

10/4/12 – 10/10/12 

10/11/12 – 10/17/12

10/18/12 – 10/25/12

10/26/12 – 11/2/12

The great thing about this data is that you can compare the data you collected with data from other schools around the same time as your trip, or from a different part of the season.  This allows you and your students to compare and contrast data and identify trends.

SERC welcomes students from grades 4-8 for our Estuary Chesapeake Program.  When viewing and discussing your data, you may want to know about the schools you are comparing with.  The information is sorted chronologically in the table below.

Name Date Grade(s)
Lafayette 9/19/12-9/20/12
Stokes Charter School 9/21/12 am
St. Thomas Aquinas 9/21/12 pm
Old Mill Middle  9/24/12 6
St. Peters 9/26/12
Rivendell 9/27/12
Drew Model 9/28/12
Ambleside 10/1/12
Ashburton 10/2/12-10/3/12
Stone Ridge 10/4/12
St. Francis 10/5/12
Sheridan 10/9/12
Sidwell Friends 10/10/12
Windsor Farm 10/11/12
Lowell School 10/12/12
Potomac Elementary 10/15/12
Blessed Sacrament 10/16/12-10/17/12
Blessed Sacrament 10/17/12
Kenmore Middle 10/18/12
St. Columbia 10/19/12
School of the Cathedral 10/23/12
Holy Trinity 10/24/12
Kenmore Middle 10/25/12
Talbott Springs 10/26/12
Garrett Park 11/1/12-11/2/12

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