Students, with help from parents, teachers and SERC staff, recorded the following data. We used a combination of means, medians, and ranges to best represent this comprehensive data for all Estuary Chesapeake programs. The water quality data is a combination of means and medians of observed conditions. For the oyster community and seining stations, observed organisms are noted either by a “✓” check mark, or by the total number of organisms found, depending on what was recorded on the data sheet. If no individuals were identified for a species, it is noted by a “−”. “X” indicates instances of insufficient or incomplete data.

Click the links to download a .xls or a .pdf file of the data below.


If you are curious about more types of water quality tests, would like to see how your data compares to scientists’ data, or would like to see more complete data about the Rhode River, you can check out this link to a site called Eyes on the Bay. This link will take you right to the Rhode River data.

St. Peter’s
Rivendell Drew Model Ambleside
Ashburton Ashburton
9/26/12 9/27/12 9/28/12 10/1/12 10/2/12 10/3/12

Station 2: Water Quality Data
Salinity (ppt) 14 13.8 14.6 15 16.5 14.6
pH 6.5 6.3 8.1 7.5 8 7
Depth (cm) 215 193 188 215 198 219
Turbidity              (cm of light penetration) 75 84 73.3 63.3 73.6 70.6
Temperature (°C) 22 22 23.3 21.2 21.1

Station 3: Oyster Bar Community 

White Fingered Mud Crab 7 3 X
Naked Goby 1 X
Bryozoans 2 X
Barnacle 15+
2+ X
Grass Shrimp 2 X
Clam Worm 1 2 X
Amphipod 1 2 X
Nematode 1 X
Oyster Spat 0 X
Blenny 0 X
Sea Anemone X
Soft Shell Clam X
American Eel X
Mussel X
Other 2 blue crabs  1 pumpkinseed
1 pumpkinseed 1 jellyfish 1 blue crab  X  white perch
Other 2 comb jellyfish 1 white perch 1 blue crab 1 silverside   X   

Station 5: Going Fishing (Seining)
Silverside 2+ 6 X X
Striped Killifish 6+ 7 X X
White Perch 2+ 4 X X
Rockfish (Striped Bass) 2+ 2 X X
Grass Shrimp 7+ 25 X X
Mummichog 1+ X X
Blue Crab 6 1 X X
Spot 0 X X
Pumpkinseed 4 X X 2
Menhaden 0 X X
Anchovy 2 X X
American Eel 0 X X
Jellyfish 15+ 20+ X X
Hogchoker 0 X X
Pipefish 0 X X

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